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"There is hardly any other piece of art that was created north of the Alps that has been with us continuously for such a long time and in so many various forms as the Carmina Burana medieval song collection from the early 13th century. Carl Orff's 1937 version revolutionized the potential of classical music, and since the 1970s there have been many attempts to reproduce it in medieval form. Corvus Corax throws Carmina Burana into a new light once again by taking listeners on a musical journey through the centuries by means of old lyrics. ...Corvus Corax reproduces the repertoire from the 12th to 15th centuries from a minstrel's perspective".

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CD - потрясающе. Где бы теперь DVD отыскать?


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21 сент, 2006 10:49 (UTC)
Да, Спасибо, Гриша уже принес мне; тоже неплохо, но Сorvus Corax лучше...
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