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"This is a victory for rock music ... and also a victory for open-mindedness"

И я с этим абсолютно согласна.

Your first monster was the animal from ‘The Muppet Show’. What kind of things did you play with when you were a child?

Mr. Lordi:
Not when I was a child – I still am a child. I still collect Muppet’s toys. I played with Star Wars figures, with Masters of the Universe figures, well, monster figures. I loved little spiders, dinosaurs.

You said that the scarier a movie is, the more fun it means to you. So how would you define humour?

Mr. Lordi:
A difficult question to answer in brief. Let me think. [Pause.] Some say that horror is a sub-genre of comedy. I believe this is true. It’s not humorous, we’re not meant to burst out laughing, but it’s fun and entertainment. It’s the same thing with riding a roller coaster over and over again. Some people would never do it. For others, it’s fun.

И напоследок кое-что из комментариев: http://pk.kiev.ua/world/2006/05/21/140035.html