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Надеюсь, вы его еще не забыли?

Lord of the Dance возвращается!

Великобритания - Германия - Швейцария - Австрия


My philosophy is, stop feeling sorry for yourself and go out and do something. And 50 is the new 30.”

But isn’t he too old? And isn’t he worried that the mysterious condition which brought him close to death four years ago might recur? It kept him in hospital for two weeks and he was too weak to leave his house for a year. Doctors suggested his gruelling work had given him chronic fatigue syndrome.

“I kept telling myself ‘I will feel better’ and before I knew it, there I was. Nothing is impossible.

I’m telling them to add as many dates as they want to the tour, I’m not even thinking about the possibility of getting ill again. I have not one ounce of negativity, I refuse to allow it in.

“There’s no stopping me. I make no concession at all to my age. If people want to say ‘he’s too old’, that’s nonsense!..


Может, и до России доедет?... Или самой махнуть в декабре, например, в Германию ради такого случая?